Skydive Cross Keys offers specialized coaching in Advanced RW, Beginner to Advanced Freefly, and Canopy Control Techniques.
For recent AFP/AFF graduates we offer the "A License Fast Track" program that is designed to give you the skills you need to qualify for the USPA "A" license.  This program was developed to get you ready fast without wasting your time or money. It is now a required part of the USPA Licensing program.
Please take the time to review the information in this section of our website, and if you have any questions please contact our office at 856-629-7553. 

 A License Fast Track

This program is designed to teach you the skills required to complete your USPA A License Qualifications Card.  This program includes 3 Advanced RW by Freefall Adventures, and 2 Intro Freefly Jumps.  Designed with fast progression in mind each skydive has been designed to build upon the knowledge you received while completing your AFP/AFF program. 





Early Bird Swoop Club

Swoop Club is organized in advance every week and space is limited.  Please contact Manifest at 856-629-7553 for more information and to get on the list.  Here are some of the specifics...

We start early in the morning at 6:30 AM, and our goal is to make 10 jumps.  You must pre register and pre pay.  The cost is $95 for five jump, and you must pre purchase all jumps.  Please contact Brian to preregister at 443-799-2337!


  • Why would I want to wake up at 6:30am?
    10 jumps for only $17 each, no canopy traffic, light winds, its well before the sweltering heat has begun, you get the point.
  • How many jumps can I make?
    Early Bird tickets are purchased in blocks of 10 or 5.  If you are participating, we ask you to commit to the entire morning.  This allows us to keep the plane flying, and it also reserves your space for the entire morning.
  • Will there be coaching or video?
    There is informal video and an open forum of discussion and cooperative learning.  There are a number of very experienced canopy pilots who participate and who are happy to provide feedback.  Please check events for guest coaches!
  • Are there any jump requirements or license restrictions?
    Any B Licensed or better canopy pilot may be involved.  There is a C license minimum to swoop the pond.  If you have a B License, you may land in the landing area.  That said, if you are exceeding the manufacturer recommended wing loading for your skill level, what we feel to be within your capabilities, or act/fly in a manner that places you, any other canopy pilots, me, my friends, the ground, or our pond in danger, we will not hesitate to ask you to leave.
  • How do I get involved?
    You must be waivered with Skydive Crosskeys, have paid your DZ membership by Monday prior to the close of day.  Tickets are purchased from Manifest by sunset on Monday prior.  As the # of seats in a 206 or 182 are limited, so will the # of canopy pilots involved.  You make a commitment to 10 or 5 jumps, and weather permitting, we will make every effort to make sure the # of jumpers does not limit your ability to make them.

Interested in getting your swoop on?

Email, or give us a call at 856-629-7553.


Advanced RW Coaching

  • Have you challenged your skydiving abilities lately?
  • Can you whip a 540 in place?

Take your basic skills to the next level.  We can prepare you to be confident in 4-way and 60-ways!  Advanced coaching includes:

  1. In place center turns
  2. Vertical transitions
  3. Advanced tracking
  4. Swooping to formations
  5. Super Positioning

We can help you turn faster, recover quicker, be more confident in any slot and track like a pro!  Our Advanced Course is an intensive course designed to radically challenge your skydiving abilities and have fun at the same time!



Reinforce your RW skills with an Advanced Bodyflight 5 Jump Package.
RW Advanced 5 Jump Package $395

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