The Basics Of Welding & Fabrication

Welding involves the use of heat and pressure to fuse metals together. Welding utilises heat to melt the base metals in order to join them together. In order to form a strong joint, filler materials are usually added to the melted base metals before they cool down. Therefore the main goal of welding is to create a strong joint. Welding can be done using different energy sources such as electricity, gas, electron beam and many others which results in different types of welding.

Fabrication on the other hand is the process through which metallic strictures are created through cutting, bending and assembling different pieces. It is used in the creation of different items such as stair railings, structural frames for buildings and other parts of different machinery and equipment. More often than not, welding and fabrication services go hand in hand. Other processes involved or that can accompany the provision of these services processes include forming, moulding and machining.

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Industries where they are used

These services have widespread applications across many modern industrial sectors all over the world. Industries such as the nuclear equipment manufacturing industries, the aerospace industry, train and rail carriages, electrical and electronics industry, radiators and containers manufacture and processing, medical instruments and supplies, domestic hardware, food and beverage industry, train and rail carriages, automotive industry, auto suppliers and auto repairs and other industries that process other miscellaneous metals employ the use of fabrication and welding in their day to day operations.

Products that can be created using fabrication and welding

Majority of the metallic machinery, equipment and parts used in the world passed through fabrication and/or welding. Vehicles and different spare parts in the automotive industry are joined together through welding and fabrication. Trains, space crafts, ship and other water vessels, roller-coasters, sculptures, air conditioners, pipes, transportation containers, furnaces and home appliances such as refrigerators, cookers and washing machines have all utilised welding or fabrication services and in some cases, both.

Where can you get these services?

There are different shops that specialise in the provision of welding services, fabrication services or both. These shops can create anything you need as long as you have the specifications on design and materials. You can also guide them on what to do so that everything is in accordance with your needs. While some of these shops may specialise in the creation of items for a specific industry, most of them are not specialised.

What to look out for when choosing a shop to work with

Proximity to your home or place of work is very important especially in cases where you have to make a number of trips to the shop within the course of production. You must also compare the costs across different service providers in order to get the most competitive quote. Remember that costs will vary depending on the nature of work to be done, the complexity of the designs, availability of materials and any add on required. You must also check the experience levels of the technicians before you commission the work. Working with a specialised shop or technician may end up costing you more but it might be worth it.